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 Organisation and Aims

The Society exists to promote the study of all aspects of the geology of Norfolk.

By "geology" we mean the science in its broadest sense, including geomorphology, (the study of landforms), palaeontology, (all aspects relating to fossils), and site conservation.

Any individual over the age of 16 may apply to become an ordinary member of the Society; the annual subscription is £10. Persons in full time education may join for 50% of the ordinary membership fee. Universities, libraries and other organisations may join for an annual subscription of £28. In both cases, subscriptions are due on joining and on every 1st February thereafter.

Our members include ordinary citizens, amateur and professional geologists, teachers and university professors, all with an interest in the Society's aims.

As an amateur Society we place especial emphasis on making the topics we discuss intelligable to ordinary people, only using jargon after we have explained it. This is especially important bearing in mind that our lectures are all open to the General Public free of charge.

The Society is also a member of the Geologists' Association which entitles our members to access the G.A.'s library.

There is no requirement for potential members to be resident in Norfolk.